Wednesday, 7 December 2011

(Ugh this was supposed to be posted over a week ago. Better late than never!)

Hey everyone.

Sitting at home bored on a Saturday night, I feel like such a loser! I'm not allowed to drink for a while so there's no point going out if I'm not gonna enjoy myself while my friends all get drunk! I don't even drink coffee or Red Bull any more, I just drink lots of fruit and vegetable juices, water, vitamin waters and teas. What's happened to me?!

I went out with my babe today for lunch, I had a panini with salad and chicken. So yummy! Then we went to an event in my town and watched the Christmas lights get turned on. I was excited because there was supposed to be someone dressed as Hello Kitty but we stayed all day and I never saw her, I did see someone dressed as Buzz Lightyear thought and my boyfriend got his picture taken with him, he's always loved him and was so excited to get a picture with him, it was adorable.

We left our apartment and have been looking for a new place, today I found one and called them about it and they're gonna call me soon to arrange a viewing, I'm so excited because it's so cute, pretty much just what I've always wanted! And it's well under our budget, so I'm hopeful that we're gonna get it. Wish me luck!

Plus on the 21st I have my last appointment with the gender clinic, after this I'll be prescribed hormones so I can stop self medicating. I have court first on the 19th though, so let's hope I don't go to jail so I can make it there! :(

I'm gonna go have some sushi and vitamin water for dinner, then go for a bubble bath, face mask and paint my nails then cuddle up in bed and watch a movie. I'll leave you all with a "what's in my bag" because let's be honest it's always fun to see what's in other girl's bags. I love when the blogs I read post them, I love being nosey!

And some random pictures just because...

♥ Ellery 


  1. hey ellery,

    you possess a wonderful photogenic visage

    matched with a catwalk physique.

    i'd love to make some art with you -

    from fashion images to classic nude studies.

    my current projects :

    digital snapshots -

    35mm analog art -



  2. here's to you and your honey-do well in court
    xxxx Jim

  3. i wanna make you cum boy..